Open a flexible, no-risk CD that lets you take advantage of a higher rate if it becomes available.**


  • Annual percentage yield rate starts out higher than most – and can even go up.
  • Be confident that your money is growing faster.
  • Earn competitive interest on an FDIC-insured deposit.
  • Personal attention you won’t get from a mega-bank.
  • Deposit amount unlimited.  Minimum $1K deposit.***

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*The comparison is limited to the largest US banks and does not include rates of other online banks.  Rates for similar products offered at the selected banks with a minimum balance of at least $1,000 as stated on each bank’s website include Chase 1yr .02%, 2yr .35%, 5yr .60%; CITIBank 1yr .25%, 2yr .50%, 5yr .80%; Wells Fargo 1yr .10%, 2yr .45%, 5yr 1.14%; Bank of America 1yr .07%, 2yr .10%, 5yr .75%.  Comparison banks’ rates as of June 13, 2018.  **If rates change, a one-time rate increase is allowed at customer’s request.  The rate will remain in effect until the date of CD maturity.  ***Minimum $1,000 deposit.  Rate may change after account opened.  Penalties that may reduce CD earnings will apply to a withdrawal of principal prior to maturity.  Rates as of 6/26/2018.