Client Testimonials


We built a relationship from day one and now I’m in it for The Long Haul.

The guys at b1BANK are not just bankers to me. They sit down with me at year-end and as a team, we decide how my business might better perform. I’m comfortable with them.

PeterBilt of Louisiana
Jack Brabahm, Owner

They are always there to help and they know what it takes to Grow My Business.

The bankers at b1BANK understand the elements faced by a farmer and the special needs of this industry.

Ellendale Farms
Slattery McCollam, Manager

I like having a bank that does business the way I do – create solutions to meet clients’ needs On and Offshore.

b1BANK and T. Baker Smith share many of the same core values. Both companies are dedicated to building relationships with our clients and our community. Both work to exceed expectations.

T. Baker Smith, LLC
Kenneth Wm. Smith, President/CEO

They sit down, come up with an idea and put it into action. It was a Perfect Fit.

We left our first meeting with the Lafayette b1BANKing team and said, “They’re just like us.”

Tools International Corporation
John Ballanger, Owner/Dir. of Manufacturing
Shelley Pearson Breaud, Owner/Dir. of Administration
Dodd Foreman, Owner/Dir. of Operations

We sat down at the table with the Lafayette b1BANKers and knew from the start this was a Recipe For Success.

The restaurant business is tough. We spend most of every day right here. We need a banking team that doesn’t mind coming to us – a team we can depend on, and with whom we want to be partners for life.

The French Press
Margaret & Justin Girouard, Owners

b1BANK encouraged our growth, shaped our business plan and provided the means to turn our dreams into reality. It was all a Part of the Plan.

Architecture is where we started and integral to what we do every day. Success in architecture led to our move into real estate development, comprehensive project delivery and new partnerships across the South.

KDC Real Estate & Investments
C. Stewart Slack, Vice President

With b1BANK, success Comes Full Circle.

b1BANK is a big part of the expansion and success of Savoy Technical Services. In the professional inspection services industry, when you need something, you need it now – not two weeks from now. We get quick decisions from the expert banking team at Business First. Their responsiveness and pro-active approach has helped Savoy grow from three employees to 90+ employees.

Savoy Technical Services
Clay L. Savoy, V.P. of Operations
David E. Savoy, President

My relationship with b1BANK is Something I Can Build On.

Tillage Construction started here in my dad’s cabinet shop and is now one of the nation’s fastest growing construction companies.  I was sold on b1BANK after our initial meeting because they made me feel as if my business was important to them and they treated me like family.  At Business First, I have direct access to the decision makers in each of the markets where I work.  They understand the local perspective and see more than just a number on a spreadsheet. 

Tillage Construction
Keith Tillage

Manners of the Heart® banks with Business First because they are a bank with a Heart for The Community.

Manners of the Heart® is a nonprofit organization that takes a different approach to shaping the lives of children. “We believe that with respect, Parents PARENT, Teachers TEACH, Children LEARN and Communities THRIVE.”  b1BANK also takes a different approach to shaping lives.  They are committed to helping nonprofits achieve fiscal responsibility

Manners of the Heart Logo

Jill Garner, Manners of the Heart

They are all about business, and that’s what it takes to succeed when Opportunity Knocks.

The Lafayette b1BANKers have worked hard over the years to understand my various and sometimes complex business interests. They are all about business, and that’s what it takes to succeed when Opportunity Knocks.

River Ranch
Rodney Savoy